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34 weeks.

After 34 weeks of a very easy pregnancy, things are starting to get a little rough around here. That said, I have really been trying to focus on not complaining.  This peanut is well worth the nosebleeds, crazy hip/pelvis pain, struggles to hoist myself out of bed and the super attractive duck walk!

We got to see BS yesterday for the first time in 14 weeks.  I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that it just looked like a bigger version of the baby we saw at 20 weeks.  Not the dramatic change we saw from 6 to 8 to 10 to 13 to 20 weeks.  It does have hair now, which is pretty cute, albeit slightly mullet-y looking.

Yesterday’s scan was necessary because the baby had been breech for awhile and I had some other things going on that needed to be checked out to rule out the necessity of a c-section. 

The good news?  The baby is no longer breech.

The bad news?  The baby is now sideways, and apparently quite comfortable that way.

Now, I’m not a doctor but I understand enough about geometry and anatomy to know that a sideways baby can’t come out in the traditional course.  Nor do I want to attempt that feat.

So BS has 2 weeks to get its shit together and get head down.  If it doesn’t get with the program, I’ll be admitted and they will attempt to physically move the baby in the correct position (although, if it has inherited my stubbornness, good luck with that, doc).  There’s a chance that procedure will induce labor, so BS could arrive as soon as 2.5-3 weeks.

Which is totally insane.  We are NOT ready yet.  It looks like a bomb went off in the nursery.  Very little is washed and put away.  The car seat isn’t installed (or even out of the box).  We haven’t bought the stroller.  Completed preregistration for the hospital.  Or any of the remaining things on our long pre-baby to-do list.

Looks like BS isn’t the only one who needs to get its shit together.

[Of course, we’ll scramble to get everything done in the next two weeks and BS will turn and refuse to come out until like 42 weeks.]

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So I’ve wanted a pair of Stuart Weitzman 5050s for like basically forever and thinking this may be my fall treat yoself thing as during this entire calendar year I haven’t bought a single pair of new shoes or an item of clothing that costs more than $20 and isn’t ruched on the side to accommodate an extra human.  I’m sure I’ll get a ton of wear out of them.  You know, paired with leggings and a third day t-shirt around my house while my newborn screams at me.

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Plans borne of second trimester super-human energy delusions:

Tailgating and Dierks Bentley/Luke Bryan at Soldier Field with my girls Sunday night - way past my bedtime.

Hosting a “Labor Day” themed baby shower for 25 people the very next day for one of my oldest + dearest.

We bought the concert tickets well before I knew I was expecting, but the whole hosting a party the next day thing was a decision made around 24 weeks when I could have participated in a truck pull contest.  (OK maybe not, but I miss that level of productivity and motivation).

I feel a bit like I’ve been hit by a truck today, but the night out with my friends and a day spent celebrating one of my favorite people (and Baby S’ future BFF) was well worth it.

Less than eight weeks to go!

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I’ve been looking for a good print to hang over the crib, something that suits the UP-inspired (note: NOT UP-themed) nursery.   This modern red balloon print fits the bill perfectly, and it was extremely reasonably priced, even before a nice little discount code.  

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An UP-inspired multicolored happy event for Baby S.  G throws a damn good party.  The little details were all so thoughtful and nothing was overlooked!  Those colored pom-poms were everywhere.  All my best girls.  Two delicious mocktails and a big bottle of vodka for spiking.  A tasty lunch and an adorable almond flour coconut cake handmade by a friend who couldn’t be there in person.  I’m not normally one for games, but a “name my baby” contest and a quiz video featuring my husband were hilarious. 

Only three of my friends couldn’t make it, and I can’t remember the last time I had all of my friends in one place (probably my wedding shower).  Despite the torrential downpour, it was such a bright + happy day.  I have a really special group of friends who are near and dear to me, and it made me so happy just to all be together and laugh!  It was so fun that these are the only (crappy) pictures I took.  Presence in the moment.

I remember thinking that the shower date seemed so far away and how pregnant I would be by that point and the baby would be almost here.  With a shower now behind me, the ticking clock is on my mind.  Little S will be here in the blink of an eye.  Here we go!  8.5 weeks!

Baby S is so very lucky to have so many “aunties” to love on him/her.  This kid is going to be spoiled within an inch of its life. 

the amazing decor/one of my oldest + dearest due 3 weeks before me/the crew/my mama + me/the mamas + the pretty lady hostess

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Yesterday’s little adventure.

Over the last few weeks, Baby has established a fairly consistent pattern of movement:

- Start kicking me in the crotch 15 minutes before my alarm goes off.

- Go back to sleep once I’m up making my morning smoothie and coffee.

- Get royally pissed off when I have my morning cup of coffee and browse the internet because my iPad is resting on its butt.  Kick wildly at iPad until I move it.

- Go back to sleep for shower and commute time.

- Wake up and happy dance when we eat our yogurt and berries at the office.

- Go back to sleep.

- Wake up and happy dance when we eat our mid-morning snack.  Lose shit if the mid-morning snack is cherries.

- Repeat cycle of sleeping and post-eating dancing for rest of day.

- Sleep during after-dinner couch time.

- Wake up and perform at least three tap dance routines once I crawl in bed for the night.

Monday night the baby was fairly quiet.  No ruckus at bedtime.  Yesterday morning nothing.  Nada.   I poked at the little foot that has resided under my belly button for a couple of weeks now.  Squished my belly.  Ate an entire desk drawer’s worth of snacks.  Chugged an icy Dr. Pepper.  Laid on my side.  Baby hadn’t moved or made a peep for the eight hours I had been awake.

When a pound and a half of cherries failed to garner any reaction, I really started to worry.  Part of me felt like I was just being crazy, but I couldn’t shake that nagging “what-if” feeling in the back of my mind.

I called my doctor, and she was similarly concerned about the sudden lack of movement.  She recommended that I come in for a “non-stress test,” which is quite possibly the most ironic name ever for a test designed to see if your baby is in distress.

Once in the exam room, I propped myself up on one elbow so they could hook me up to the fetal monitor.  As soon as I did, my stomach shook wildly, a little limb protruded, and this kid began to turn somersaults visible from the outside.

The nurse just started laughing.  She was so sweet and assured me that this happened all the time, and that she would rather see me come in once a week and have it be nothing than to blow it off and have it be something serious.

I spent the next 20 minutes with the monitor belt around my waist (let’s use the term “waist” incredibly loosely, ok?) while my child, who for the last nine hours had been completely unresponsive, showed off for the nurse.  As I watched its heart rate rapidly accelerate and then decrease (a good thing), I felt embarrassed, really neurotic, kind of silly and overwhelmingly relieved.  All is well.  I’m sure this won’t be the last time we embarrass each other in public.

This kid owes me twenty bucks for parking.

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This has replaced coconut Talenti and coconut Outshine bars as my favorite coconut product. So, so good!

This has replaced coconut Talenti and coconut Outshine bars as my favorite coconut product. So, so good!