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12 hours in North Carolina.

3:45 a.m. wake up call, 6:30 flight to RDU, meeting at the freaking airport, 6:30 flight back to ORD.  Fully planning on taking advantage of the free bar and snacks at the Admiral’s Club post-meeting. 

I actually forgot that it was my birthday until I landed to a bevy of text messages from my parents and friends.  Guaranteed signs of getting old: forgetting its your birthday. At least I know how old I am without having to think really hard about it.  Once that happens, it’s all downhill man.

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On decompressing.

I have literally worked every single day since late January. Finally, this week, things started to calm down. So I took yesterday afternoon off.

[which I spent most of working but at least I was home early.]

A new silk blouse and happy hour at Lone Wolf for my girl D’s going away party before her big move to NYC. A trek to our old Lakeview stomping grounds and dinner at our favorite sushi spot. A double scoop of salty caramel and banana french toast from Jeni’s. A canceled 8:30 Bar Method class in favor of coffee and Chicagoland from the comfort of my bed (maybe I’ll try again at noon). A toasted English muffin with butter and jam c/o my husband

It’s almost 10:30 and I’m still in bed, queueing up Scandal and another cup of blond roast.

And it is glorious, much needed and well-deserved.

Happy lazy Saturday friends!

[I can’t wait to brave the St. Patrick’s day idiocy later when I need to go pick up a shower gift for tomorrow. Sigh. Does Crate and Barrel deliver?]

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Happenings in an endless winter.

Ugh.  This winter.  ENOUGH ALREADY.

[I know it’s been said nine million times but needed to put that out there.]

While this stupid winter seems to have dragged on for all eternity, February actually flew by.  Between being inundated with work after my boss fell ill, dealing with some of my own stuff, M’s work travels and general craziness, February was a blur. 

M is in Costa Rica for work (I was originally supposed to tag along for a few days to thaw out, but my workload wouldn’t allow for it) and returns tonight.  I am excited to have my personal space heater, buddy and snow shoveler back.  Shoveling snow sucks. 

I am so desperate for sun and warmth that I briefly considered going tanning (gross) before coming to my senses.  A new low, folks.

One of my best girls, D, leaves for her big move to NYC next weekend.  A last night with the Supper Club girls is necessary.

In a couple of weeks, we are going to start on some big projects around the house and make some pretty big changes.  I’m simultaneously overwhelmed and excited.  Also, does money grow on trees somewhere?

I have to work (again) this weekend, but on Sunday I am thinking of working from home and making this "Sunday Sauce" for when M’s parents come for dinner.  Fingers crossed.

What’s been going on with you?

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On Valentine.

M and I have never been big Valentine’s Day people (in our early years, we were too broke and it more or less became our tradition to not do anything by default).

Despite working for the better part of the weekend, this has been a favorite and memorable Valentine’s Day weekend.  A few convenience store roses.  Sweatpants + beers + true crime shows on Friday night, a tasty dinner for two at Nightwood last night, and a lasagna made by two this evening with a side of really good conversation. 

Nothing really super crazy, but after the last few months, it was perfect.

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Treat yoself Friday!


Just got tickets for me and three of my girls to see this guy at Soldier Field in August!

Over the past couple of years, things have changed quite a bit.  Girls have had babies, moved to the burbs, and become actual legitimate adults. It’s not often that we all get together - especially for a baby-free evening of cocktails, girl time, music and fun (most of our recent outings are in the light of day and involve passing babies around), so I am extra excited about this outing.  And the fact that it will (at least I hope) finally be warm by then!

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