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An only marginally useful restaurant review.

Well, I’d write a review of this joint, but when you wait for 2+ hours for a table (after being told “45 minutes”) anything tastes good and you’ve had enough wine to make the details pretty hazy.

The bad: 2+ hours for a table.

The good: getting a bottle of champers comped for waiting 2+ hours for a table.

The stuff that was good that I distinctly remember was a salad with peaches and a tomatillo vinaigrette, a grilled sturgeon with yummy pickled green tomatoes and a grilled chicken with green grapes.  Everything else was largely forgettable (not sure if it was due to the wine consumption or the food being meh). 

Overall, I wouldn’t wait as long as we did for a table.  Hopefully when the hype dies down, so will the crowds.  Cool little spot.

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  1. gasp-shock said: This was helpful, as I now know to hold out and not bring Tony, who would go ballistic if I made him wait two hours for food!
  2. retrotrash said: We went on a Sunday night and it was SO DEAD. The food was ok, but that salad with the tomatillo was TO DIE FOR
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