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At last week’s Rent the Runway event at the W City Center, we received swag bags with some pretty cool little treats in them.  Besides the obvious 20% off a RTR rental, my other favorite thing was a sample of this Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil.

I am typically hesitant to try samples of beauty products, as I have sensitive skin and allergies to some common components in cleansers, lotions and potions.  However, I gave this a go after reading the ingredientses, and it’s amazing!  The oil removes every. last. bit. of makeup, and fades away when you rinse with warm water - none of that weird oil-and-water-mix texture you would expect.

My sample packet came with a $20 gift card to use, so I ordered a bottle through Tatcha’s website.  You should too!  Enter the code RTR20 at checkout for $20 off and free shipping!

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