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Week in Food: 1.28 and 1.21 follow up

This is going to be another super busy week - no travel, thankfully, but lots of late nights.  In an effort to be organized and not end up spending a ton of money on delivery this week, Mike and I sketched out a menu plan that even he can execute, with a plate for me in the microwave.

Tonight: G’s famous chicken + mushrooms, steamed green beans

Tuesday: Little steaks with horseradish butter, roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts

Wednesday: Our fave crispy black bean tacos.

Thursday: Veggie pizza with peppers, onions, spinach and mushrooms.

Friday: Chickpea Curry.

Last week:

Roasted salmon with homemade tzatziki, Greek salad.  Tzatziki.  I could put it on anything.  You know, like a spoon and directly into my mouth.

G gave me a great recipe for tzatziki - Greek yogurt, a little olive oil, thinly sliced seedless cucumbers, and white wine vinegar, salt, white pepper and fresh dill to taste.  Perfection.

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