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On the difference of a year.

One year ago, my dad finished his first round of chemotherapy.

That was before I knew what an ANC was or the acceptable range of hemoglobin or how dangerously low someone’s platelet levels can get before they are at risk of bleeding to death from something as minor as a nosebleed.  Before our family regularly exchanged text messages with the letters ANC, P, H, and W with numbers after them.  Before we fully understood the severity of his illness. 

Today, I received my usual Thursday morning text message with the ANC, P, H, and W with numbers after them - the values of his various blood components.  He’s been making great progress for a few months now, and has remained relatively stable over the last few weeks. 

This morning, those numbers are just a tick off from normal.

This morning, life seems like it is officially back to normal.

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  1. almosthalfway said: lump in my throat i’m so happy for you and the fam.
  2. kellykovetskouture said: Fantastic news!
  3. my-little-kumquat said: huge smile! xo
  4. galapagosgal said: I’m so happy for you and your family that he has gotten better. Lots of prayers for you all that he stays that way.
  5. cmconnors said: Fantastic! :)
  6. champagnetoasts said: the best post. hooray, dad! oxo