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E’s Wine-o-the-Month

When it comes to breakfast and lunches, I am a creature of habit.  I go through stages of having only one thing everyday - for awhile, it was banana-spinach-almond milk shakes, then green juices, lately a greek yogurt ‘n berries phase.

I’ve recently noticed that I’ve started doing the same thing with wine - I get hooked on one specific wine, drink the shit out of it for a month or two, then move on to the next.

It goes without saying that I love me some wine.  I’d venture to say that I have at least a small glass most nights.  Thus, whatever my current obsession is, it’s got to be reasonably priced.

My current crush is this:

Wild Horse Pinot Noir, better known in our house as “Wild Ho” or simply “The Ho.”  Unlike most inexpensive pinots (which tend to be thin and watery), this one has a nice depth of flavor without heavy tannins - thus making it a perfect weeknight wine.

Binny’s carries it for $16.99, but we usually pick it up at the LP Costco for $12.99.  Get ya some!

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  1. rockabyebucktown said: Good tip!
  2. haygirlhay said: i used to order this in restaurants all the time with my fake id….what i’m saying is i approve.
  3. a-flash-in-the-pan said: How funny, we just picked this up from TJs and were raving about it!
  4. saminthecity said: Thanks for the tip. I love a good pinot noir!
  5. justcallmeemilyv said: love this one…am definitely going to start referring to it as Wild Ho.
  6. babytakesmanhattan said: thanks, stocking up!
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